Growing up and Careers

Growing up is bliss, isn’t it? What do you want to be when you grow up?
You know the all famous question right? We have all been asked that so many times in our early lives. Like, we don’t even wait for you to turn 7 or 10. No, as soon as you can talk we start looking out for all the things that you can be when you are older. Because it’s clearly not enough for you to enjoy who you are at that stage in life.
Don’t ask me what got me thinking about it, could be a conversation that has been going on in my mind of late. About what I want to do with my life. As if I am not already doing something(rolling my eyes at myself). What I want to be.
You see, I love my job. Boring at times, but a truly fantastic job. There’s nothing as thrilling as a challenge and nothing beats the thrill of beating that same challenge. Whether or not someone else somewhere in the world has done it before is irrelevant. A challenge is a challenge. But I digress. You see, I am very future-oriented, which is a problem because I don’t get to enjoy the present much. Always on the move, always thinking about tomorrow. And those thoughts of tomorrow are mainly based on my present. As in, do I see myself doing what I am doing in 10 years’ time? And sadly, the answer is no. Much as I love my job and the company I work for, there has to be more to life and more importantly, more to my life. I want to do more.
I enjoy the conversations with the people, the ideas, the thoughts shared, the smiles, and the laughter. This is also very interesting and very surprising because one of the reasons I went into IT was so that I didn’t have to talk to people much. Now the part of my job that I love is the talking to people part. Not just assisting them but having deep conversations about life with them. Encouraging and motivating them. That I absolutely love.
Which brings me back to my question? What do you want to be when you grow up? Or in my case, it would be ‘What do you do?’. I would love to answer it by ‘I make people happy, I motivate and encourage. I speak about life.’
I cannot put that into a simple ‘I am a programmer, a developer, manager’ or whatever conventional career is out there. I wish I could. But I also wish I couldn’t.
I know I have asked a lot of people this question as well lots of times before. I wish I hadn’t. I am going to try to stop asking it. Starting with my kids. Before they start looking at what they are going to do when they are older, I would like them to spend their early years getting to know themselves. Getting to know who they are, what they like, what they don’t like.
Growing up is hard enough without having to complicate it with questions about the future. So, the question to my children and everyone else will be, what makes you happy? What would you do all day without complaining?

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