On Monday hubby and I took Miss T to Imhoff to visit Higgeldy Piggeldy farm. She has been to a cattle post with her grandparents (They have goats, sheep, chickens and cows). But this was like 7 months ago so we felt she needed a refresher on farm animals (Other than Sarah and duck on TV).

There is plenty of parking as well as activities for the whole family. We had gone there just for the farm but we will definately be going back for the restaurants and shops. I didn’t see any ATMs, the entry to Higgeldy Piggeldy is R20 per person, cash only. There was someone waiting to collect the entry fees close to the gate.

The one thing I absolutely did not like and think needs to be changed is the feeding. It is R5 rand to feed the animals. For everyone, there is no set feeding time. If you visit after 10 families have gone in and fed them, you will still be asked if you want to feed the animals. No one eats all the time, that is just wrong. There needs to be set feeding times and if you miss it, tough. Maybe they can increase the feeding price if it is all about making that extra buck.

Because of the non stop feeding, the animals get to a point where they don’t want to eat and there are carrots and seed and tins all over the place making the place a tad filthy.

Oh, I also think there needs to be a bit more supervision. Only one person manning (and that person collecting fees at the gate) is not ideal in my opinion.

Anyway, we went into the first enclosure there and my baby was just screaming with excitement! And who could blame her. While we were looking at the obvious chickens, my baby squatted and went ‘Aah! Look!’ She had spotted bunnies and she was so excited.









The chickens she loved from a distance. She especially liked it when the cocks crowed, she loves to imitate them.


She wasn’t too excited when she saw the bigger animals, her greatest fear is that they will eat her. Her current favourite story is Jonah and the whale. After Jonah was swallowed by a fish, she now believes all animals eat people. As a result, we didn’t go into the big animal enclosures. The goats were overly friendly which scared her a bit, the sheep bleating she absolutely loved and that made up for the scary goats and pigs that ‘wanted to eat her’.

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She wanted to go into the Llama and Emu enclosure, but we were not sure if we were allowed in by ourselves, there was no one there.




Then we went into the guinea pig enclosure and my baby was on cloud 9! Finally seeing all the furry creatures we have been reading about and touching them. We actually sat down and she touched a few, chased a few until she decided that they wanted to eat her and then I knew it was time to leave.



There are not that many animals and it is slightly disorganised and not well run, but I will probably be going back again because my baby loved it and enjoyed herself.

For more information about Imhoff Farm, visit their website: http://imhofffarm.co.za/activities/higgeldy-piggeldy/


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