I recently gave birth to baby number 2. By gave birth, I meant baby was pulled out of me. Sunroof birth as someone kindly pointed out to me :-).IMG-20170502-WA0008
Don’t worry, I couldn’t care less how a baby is birthed. I believe that a birth is a birth. Let the haters continue hating and judging (tongue out to you haters and judgers)
My reason for a csection? Well, I initially wanted a natural birth, with baby 1, Miss T. Unfortunately I had a placenta previa and ended up with an emergency c-section.
It was not ideal and did not go as I thought it would, but the nurses were great and recovery wasn’t too bad. With baby number 2, Mr T, I initially entertained the idea of a natural birth.
Though the hospital where I gave birth has been dubbed ‘Caesars palace’, my gynae gave me the option to have a natural as I was in great shape and all was going well with the pregnancy. I really thought long and hard about it. Having been deprived the joy of a natural birth with Miss T, I really did not see what difference it would make. For me, the whole ‘I need a natural birth with the bells and whistles’ ship had sailed.
I know:
– Shorter recovery times
– Shorter stay in hospital
– No surgery
– Feeling empowered
– It’s the natural way
– You are in control
These were some of the reasons people gave me and though they are good reasons, I didn’t think they were good enough.
After having a c with Miss T and lived to tell the story, I didn’t see any more advantageous reason to push.
C-section was just what I knew so I opted for that. It gave me more peace of mind and for me, that is what I wanted more than ‘feeling empowered’. Yes, I got the whole ‘Oh, you should try it.’, ‘Nothing is wrong so you should push’, but at the end of the day, I know me and I know what I want and can handle and that is more important than anything.
Was it easier? Hell no. Second time around I felt it was more painful. Spinal was hellishly painful, I felt more and that tugging feeling when the baby is being taken out is weirdly uncomfortable. 🙂 I honestly thought I was going to die.
Plus, the morphine drip made me super drowsy and gave me freakishly weird shakes (maybe I overdosed). Now that really made me think I was going to die, sleep and not wake up. I woke up the following morning and was mighty thankful to be alive :-).
Oh, don’t get me started on the dressing. Got a dressing I hated, couldn’t wait to get it off. Oh, we now stay in a double story townhouse and the living area is upstairs so getting up and down was extremely uncomfortable.
Other than that, it was not bad. Oh, I lie, the one thing that that was also bad was that my lower abdomen was sore for a while and made worse when baby kicks during feeding or while I try pick him up. As well as a toddler who doesn’t understand that although baby is no longer in mummy’s tummy, mummy’s belly is still sore.
I am yet to go for my 6 week checkup, but I am looking forward to that as well as getting the go ahead to ramp up my exercises.
Would I do it again? I think I would. I am not planning on doing it again, but just saying.
One thing I have learnt during the journey of being a mother is that everyone has an opinion and everyone feels their opinion matters and should be listened to. If you are to listen and follow every advice you get, you would not get far. You reach a point where you realise that you need to do you, you need to decide that your needs and wants are more important than the worlds. Yes, the haters and shamers will always be there, but, when I get home, when I am up all night with my baby I am all alone. The world is not there to help me so at the end of it all, it really is all about me and what is important for me.
Don’t let anyone judge you or shame you about how you gave birth. What matters is that your beautiful baby is here and you need to celebrate that and enjoy that way more than you need to celebrate how they were birthed.

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  1. Nobuhle

    May 30, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Congratulations to you and your family on baby number two 😊

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