I have fallen in love with the rain again. Like madly and deeply in love. We have had so much rain in Cape Town this year and it is just beautiful. For a few years it wasn’t raining and we all loved the fact that we had shorter and drier winters and we could do so much more outdoor stuff. Until we realised that we did not have enough water. Beginning of 2018 was particularly bad. With the threat of the city running out of water, we intensified our prayers and started hoarding water and looking for alternative sources of water and ways to use less water. It wasn’t pretty.


7 Activities when it is raining

But now we have a good supply of rain and we are being more careful how we use it and we are in our happy place again with regards to water. Zero stresses there all around. But the dilemma of what to do with kids when it rains still remains. At day care they watch tonnes and I mean tonnes of tv so when they are home we try to keep them off the tv. But the boredom sets in real quick when they cannot go outside.


7 Activities to keep the kids busy when it is raining


  1. Play board games: This is age dependent. Our oldest is 4 so we usually play a scrabble with her. Helps her learn words. Concentration span is still short at this point so we try to keep this to about 30 minutes.
  2. Puzzles: This is another age dependent one that is great for Miss T but the baby is not involved and after 2 or so puzzles we find ourselves looking for another activity.
  3. Colouring and painting: Both the 1 year old and 4 year old can do this quietly for a while, but the baby has taken a liking to crayon and keeps biting his off whenever he thinks we are not watching. If you are going to let them paint, make sure they are wearing old clothes and schedule bath time for when they finish.
  4. Play soccer: I suspect my husband hates this one, but this is my favourite and the kids as well. We just run around the living room dribbling each other. Their joy is extremely contagious so this one is a definite hit. Plus, baby can also participate so both kids are involved.
  5. Sing and Dance: This is another favourite that both kids do and love. Put in a cd or dvd and dance away the boredom.
  6. Read Books: Make sure that there are no distractions and get the kids to bring a book or two or however many books they want read and spend the day reading.
  7. Blow bubbles: This is another favourite in our house. I will either blow for the kids and they attempt to catch them or give big sister and she blows for them. This one has the potential to get messy, but the laughter and joy it brings more than makes up for it.


7 Activities for kids

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