There are so many things being sold to mothers to be. Some they need and most they don’t need. I have a lot of things in my house that I bought for baby that I later realised I didn’t need. There is a lot of things, but I ended up with 11 things that I have or wanted that proved very unnecessary. There are a lot more things that are not on this list (like wipe warmers) but I thought I should keep it simple.

Diaper bin: We bought one and used it for a few months, but we got tired of having to refill and yes, the refills were expensive. Now it is part of Miss T’s toys. She opens it up and drops little things that she goes back later to look at.

Expensive bedding: Nice to have, but not worth breaking the bank. I had wanted to buy at least one, but when I found out that a set cost more than my own bedding, I decided to be sensible and walked away.

Shoes: I am one of those mothers who didn’t buy shoes for baby until she started walking. I didn’t see the need. Looks pretty but really is not necessary. Unless you are like my cousin who believes babies need shoes so as to shape their feet.

Burp cloth: I saw this in use before I was pregnant and thought it looked so pretty. When I was pregnant I could never find the one I liked and that saved me because I never needed it.Miss T never threw up.

Baby food maker: I used a steamer, pots and a blender when Miss T started solids. All things I already had in my kitchen.

Changing table: This is one piece of furniture that is useless.I didn’t get this as I did not have the space for it. My hubby really wanted one. Now he is glad we didn’t get it.

Breastfeeding pillow: I had a C-section and this was supposed to help me feed without hurting the incision, it was a hindrance and I stopped using it after a month. On the plus side, when baby started sitting, we would use it to cushion and prop her up.

Bottle warmer: Miss T is  2 years old now, I am yet to need this. It is handy for some people, but it is not a must have.I would boil water, put it in a container and put the bottle in this warm water until it was warm enough.

Baby powder: Can I put this here? I really don’t know what baby powder is used for. If someone can share with me why babies need baby powder I would really appreciate it. I didn’t buy baby powder but I got tonnes as gifts. I use it when we go to the beach, to remove the fine sand before we go home.

Gripe water: Can I add this as well? I got a bottle as a gift and I still don’t know why anyone needs gripe water, it has sugar and the version we grew up with had alcohol!

Moses Basket: I will be honest, I really really wanted one. Why? Because I think they are just so cute and portable and cute. But baby doesn’t even sleep in it a year so one might as well buy a cot and that is exactly what we got.

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