When I was pregnant, I was not sure which brand of diapers I would/should use. I decided to get one pack of Huggies and one pack of pampers.

Those were the only two brands I knew and trusted, not because of anything really, but that is what everyone else was using. My biggest fear was that I would have a sensitive baby so I didn’t stock up on diapers. I put the money aside and bought as few diapers as possible.

Discovery Medical aid offers discounts on Huggies, but I didn’t like Huggies (I didn’t know anyone who used Huggies) so I had accepted that I would not be able to use the vouchers.  Things didn’t go as planned and baby arrived 2 weeks earlier than expected and was not picking up weight. Pampers has a newborn size, but it was too big for Little Miss T. This was the smallest size they had and they were too big. I was already flustered and annoyed that baby was not picking up weight and now the diapers were too big. I put them aside and sent hubby out to buy diapers for Premature babies as I knew for sure that those would fit. My husband does not like asking, he got to the shop and didn’t want to ask. He called telling me that there was only size 0 from Huggies. We already had diapers that were too big, we had nothing to lose so I said he should get a pack. He did and I fell in love with Huggies :-). It was a perfect fit for my baby, I had one less thing to stress about and I was super happy. We had bought a number of Pampers diapers, so those baby used, but we started buying Huggies religiously.

Fast track a few months, I got to Dischem where they had a diaper special. Truth is, the same special was running at WoolWorths and Clicks,  but I rarely find size at Woolies and I was buying more things at Dischem and not planning to go to Clicks. I got to the aisle just as the last size was being taken off the shelf. Now, in the past I have gotten a size smaller or bigger than the one that fits perfectly with disastrous effects. I was not buying the wrong size this time but I was also out of diapers. So I looked for pampers, no size there, only other brand there was Cuddlers. And they were like R30 cheaper than the ‘special’ Huggies and Pampers packs. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out so I bought a pack, after all, I reasoned that baby really is not picky.

Hubby was not impressed and complained about Cuddlers every moment he could. He found fault with every little thing. His biggest problem was that it didn’t hold pee as long and as much as Huggies. Well, just as I thought he was right, the same thing happened with Huggies, the diaper leaked. That convinced me that all these diapers really are the same and if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband is a die hard Huggies fan, I would move to Cuddlers and save a bit more cash. That being said, we get a 10% discount from Toys r us or Reggies if we buy Huggies from them with Discovery discount vouchers and that works out super super super cheap. Cheaper than Cuddlers even, but if we were not on Discovery Medical Aid I would probably go on Cuddlers.

Cloth? I have never been a fan. The old diapers that you had to hand wash put me off cloth diapers. But they are environment friendly and they make them easy to wash these days so I think I will try them for my next baby.

That being said, Miss T has never had any diaper rash. Some babies have very sensitive bottoms and require special creams and what not. We use coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter on Miss T and her skin is extremely happy. If you baby’s bottom is happier in a particular brand diaper, do not try to change to save money. You will spend more if you baby develops diaper rash.

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