Just how important is child lock? Very important if you have small children. We have always believed in having child lock although truth be told, I am not sure when we first put child lock on all the back doors. Day zero (day we came home from the hospital) or first birthday or when.


I was driving from the mall to pick up my husband from his office last week when I saw the door of a car open ever so slightly. A million and one thoughts ran through my mind and as I prepared to open my window to tell the driver that a door was open, I was shocked to see the door open further with a little hand guiding it gently. Fortunately we were moving at a snail pace and the mother realized what was happening and stopped the car, put the hazards on and closed the door firmly. Fortunately the little explorer was also strapped in a car seat. But I shuddered to think what would have happened had they been driving at speed on the highway. The mummy didn’t have time to get out and manually set the child lock on that door, but I do hope that was the first thing that she did when she got home.


If you know me you would know that when it comes to little people I am super paranoid and will take double steps to make sure they are safe, but sometimes we forget as parents. Our only episode with a door opening was when we reached home, got into the garage and as we were slowly easing into the garage Miss T announced that she had gotten out of her car seat and promptly proceeded to open the car door. Shock horror!!! What happened to our child lock? Hubby was so upset he made her get back into her car seat while he put back the child lock and then opened for her himself.


I couldn’t blame him, so many things can go wrong when a door is opened when a car is moving. I do not mind opening the door for anyone in the back. My peace of mind and the safety of my children is all that matters.



Is child lock important? Why or why not?

Do you have child lock on your doors for the kids?

When did you put child lock?

When are you planning to take it off?

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