I knew something was wrong when 4 months after giving birth I was still looking pregnant. I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, wondering if my tummy was this big after I had my first. I did not struggle to lose weight after my first and I was back at work after 4 months and not looking like I was pregnant or I just had a baby. I tried to cover it up, hoping it would go away. It didn’t. I figured it would go away when the weight came off. With everyone around me raving about how breastfeeding was great for weight loss, I figured it would only be a matter of time. I did not have a scale, I would use my old clothes to see if there was indeed a change. Week one….no change. Week 2….no change. Week 3….no change. I knew I was doing something wrong.


I told myself that my body had gone through a lot, growing a baby. It had. And I had no problem with that. But I still did not like the look and feel of being pregnant when I was not pregnant. I had a going back to work outfit that did not look like it would be worn any time soon. I have been back at work for 3 months now and it still hasn’t been worn or is anywhere near. Life….


I went on pinterest to try see if there were exercises I could do. Before long, I found something I had never heard of before….. Diastasis Recti! Have you heard about it?

Well, the long and short of it is that it is a separation of the abdominal muscles and you can go online and read more about it. It appealed to me because I was struggling to look ‘not pregnant’ and I could feel the separation when doing the check.


I searched for all the right exercises to do to fix it and I thought I was well on my way. By the time I got to work I was looking a lot better. But over time I got complacent and not only did I stop the exercises, I went back to eating unhealthy food. I know ☹! I am disappointed in myself as well. I have a lot of excuses, but I know that none of it cuts it. I have gained more weight and the clothes that fit comfortably at the end of the year are now too tight and uncomfortable. Even some of my maternity clothes don’t fit! Can you imagine!!! The horror! A change’s got to come, and it can only come from me. No one can do this for me, or you. If you want something, you have to get up and go get it. Nothing comes easy. It never has and it never will.


I have promised myself that this is the year I start taking better care of myself. The year I start being selfish about myself, my life, my body, my mind, my spirituality. So I am going to fix it. First things first, nutrition! I am going to start eating better. No more unnecessary sugars. All that juice that I used to drink is going to be a thing of the past. I know it is not going to be easy, that is why I am putting it out there. For the next month (The shortest in the year), I am going to eat better. Say no to things that are not body or mind building and we will see how it goes.


For exercise, I will squeeze in a 5km run or two here and there and do the exercises below from Beyondfitmom.com daily. For more information on healing your Diastasis Recti, check out beyondfitmom’s page at:  http://beyondfitmom.com/how-to-heal-your-diastasis-recti/


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