I don’t consider myself a great baker. I am good, but I do have that odd cake that will not quite come our right. Then there is the mess… and the calories…. so although I am good, I do not do it everyday.

I also don’t buy cake that often. No offense Woolworths, but I have gotten so used to the taste of your cakes that I don’t even think Woolies cake when I have to buy a cake. The other bakeries have to be exceptionally good for me to go back twice.

Well, I sort of kind of forgot to order a cake for my husband’s birthday the other day! I wanted to try the sort of new bakery near us and when I went to the website they said they needed 2-3 days and I didn’t even have the time to find out if they could squeeze in my order.

So….. I decided to dust my talents and take out my baking trays. Velvet cake is one of the easiest cakes you can make, no, actually a carrot cake is easier (and healthier) but hubby isn’t too much of a fan of fruity cakes (I get carried away and add coconut and pineapple to my special occasion carrot cakes).

So I set out to look for whatever ingredients I didn’t have. The first 2 shops I went into didn’t have plain cocoa and I didn’t have the time to drive around so I decided I would use what I had at home. Shock horror when I got home and I was out of plain cocoa but had tonnes of milo. I tried to google to see if I could use milo but the baking snobs shun milo and refused to give any good reviews.

I cut back on the sugar and added more milo and I was pleasantly surprised when it came out. Not only could I not taste the milo, but it was perfect.

I iced the cake with a cream cheese icing (best ever) with the kids and we enjoyed it. I thought it would last a week, it was gone in 2 days.

Moral: The internet does not know everything!

Sometimes you just need to trust your gut and go for it even if no one agrees with you. That being said, if you do that, then you should be willing to live with that decision.

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