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 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 On Monday morning, a man reported seeing a girl child being ‘clobbered’ by a male relative (father, uncle or brother) he .

How to child proof your home


A few days back I shared my experience about the importance of child proofing your home. Tpday I would like to share some tips on how to actually make sure your home is child proof. Plugs: Children love putting their little fingers in the plug .

Sleep training


Sleep training! Wow! Parenting is not easy is it? I honestly used to think parenting was easy. My parents definately made it look very easy. They seemed to know what they were doing. Now that I have Miss T, I am struggling probably as much as my .

Why it’s important to child proof your home


When I was pregnant with Miss T, I was paranoid and baby proofing was top of my list. I was going to child proof everything. I researched, I read… Well, we were staying in a smaller place so there wasn’t really much to do but when .

How to be a smart shopper


I have always been a ‘Planner’. When I was younger, I would look at food pamphlets and add a random number and see how much I would need to spend on food when I was older. There was no maths to it, but even at a young age I knew prices go up. .

How to entertain a 2 year old


Just how difficult is it to entertain a two year old? Two year olds are really simple little people. They love shiny things and they love toys…… in the shop. Try buying a toy that your two year old is crying for in the shop and take .

Family friendly beaches in Cape Town


Now, I must put a disclaimer before I start. This list is based on my opinion. I have been to a lot of beaches, before and after I had a child and the ones listed below are the ones I always take my little one. Now, if you have ever been to Cape .

Breastfeeding, why I love it.


  I always thought breastfeeding was an African thing, as in, African mothers take pride in breastfeeding. But ever since I had Miss T, I have met a number of young African mothers who do not want to breast feed. Which is really sad. Don’t .

The thing about diapers


When I was pregnant, I was not sure which brand of diapers I would/should use. I decided to get one pack of Huggies and one pack of pampers. Those were the only two brands I knew and trusted, not because of anything really, but that is what .

Finding a good paediatrician


When I was pregnant, I tried to get everything ready before baby arrived. Look for a paediatrician, good hospital, nanny vs school option, what I was going to feed my baby, formula vs breast feeding, natural vs C-section, which nationality the .