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Dealing with Sibling Jealousy


I suspect jealousy might be a strong or even the wrong word to use, but that’s the closest word I can think of at the moment. My son is learning how to walk, has been for a few weeks now. Whenever he stands up for a long time or he takes a step .

My strong willed child


I did not know I was strong willed until a few years ago (I know, I am in my almost mid thirties). As a child, I was always labelled as a difficult, stubborn, spoilt. So I spent the bulk of my childhood and adulthood trying to be an easier, more .



  Welcome to MumInMe, a mummy blog by me, Karabo, lucky mum to one amazing princess. I became a mum in 2013 and this is a late start to blogging about all things babies, marriage and general life in Cape Town. I look forward to hearing from .