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Tips for visiting a newborn baby


My little (not so little anymore) cousin is having a baby soon and it reminded me of when Miss T was a wee little newborn baby. Seeing we were far from home, we did not receive as many visitors as we would have, but we have lots of friends and .

Finding a good paediatrician


When I was pregnant, I tried to get everything ready before baby arrived. Look for a paediatrician, good hospital, nanny vs school option, what I was going to feed my baby, formula vs breast feeding, natural vs C-section, which nationality the .

Finding a good gynaecologist


I moved to Cape Town 5 years ago and was very fortunate to have a very hands on friend :-). We had not seen each other in ages, but we literally picked up where we had left off. At the time I was staying in Brackenfell, Northern Suburbs and she .