2020 is really coming to an end!

Can you believe me are coming to the end of the year already? And no, don’t tell me we are still in October, the Christmas cakes and pies are already out in shops! (Now craving Christmas cake). In fact, some people, and we are not mentioning names, have already started a countdown to the end of the year. I am still enjoying this year, the good and the bad, so I am not doing any such countdowns.


That being said, I do have a soft spot for Christmas cake. It is just yummy and reminds me of wedding cake (it is the same thing isn’t it). Well the wedding cake reminder reminds me that weddings are such beautiful affairs. So yeah, I love wedding Christmas cake 😊!

Because of this love for this particular cake, I have decided to try going off sugar for November (if I fail I will not be hard on myself). Nothing fancy, just lots of clean eating with no sugar, just thought of the chocolate bar in the kitchen 🙈!



And why am I telling you about this very personal project? Because I am a big believer of good peer pressure and I need someone to join me for the month. Not sure how we will go about this yet, but I will come back with a well written plan.


If you are keen to join me, please comment below, send me a message so we can support each other. I think one of the things I will do is do research on the effects of sugar in the body so we can see that we are doing a good thing.


What are your thoughts on this? Yay or nay to a month of no sugar?

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