With an almost 3 year old, our weekends are never simple stay at home do nothing weekends. One thing that is a must when you have a toddler is strawberry picking. There are a number of farms around Cape Town where you can do that at this time of the year. Last year I went to one and they were not open during the week, or rather not on the day that we went. They had a nice restaurant and a small park/play area and we had a great afternoon there, parents sitting and chatting and the kids playing and having fun.

This year I did my homework and so off we went on the 6th of November. Even on the way, I could not decide on which farm to go to. There are so many. We decided to go try the one we hadn’t gone to yet. So off we went, to Polkadraai farm. We got there early enough to find a very short queue, which at the time we thought was long. We got Miss T a small bucket plus a pony ride. That she loved it is an understatement. There was a queue of little people waiting for the pony ride, a few wanted to cut the queue, but other than that, it went well and like I say, Miss T absolutely loved it.

After that we went strawberry picking. Truth be told, the strawberry picking was okay. Miss T liked picking ripe berries, for me, it was an okay experience, I would not do it again without a toddler, or do it more than once. A lot of families had brought picnic baskets and were sitting on the lawn, while one or two people went to pick strawberries. The experience was a short but good one.

There is an eatery on the grounds, but it is more a burger and chip place and not a restaurant. But it works.

By the time we finished picking, there was hardly any space left on the lawn and the queue to buy the buckets was curling around the building. So the best time to go is early in the morning. By 1pm, it will be packed and even parking will be a problem. I am not a big fan of crowds as people tend to be rowdy and pushy and I can’t stand that so we left as soon as we were done.

The strawberries were amazing, nice sweet, juicy. We thought we had too much, 3 big buckets were done in a week. Next time I am that side I will just go into the shop and by a punnet. We made strawberries and they were amazing.

Would I do it again? Yes, but in 2-3 years time. If strawberry picking is not your thing, there are tonnes more things you can do in Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

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