Sleep training! Wow! Parenting is not easy is it? I honestly used to think parenting was easy.

My parents definately made it look very easy. They seemed to know what they were doing. Now that I have Miss T, I am struggling probably as much as my mum did. You see, sleep doesn’t come easy for me. My mother would keep saying ‘Go to bed, go to bed’ even when I was in High school. I could never sleep early, except when I was not feeling well. When she realised that she wasn’t winning, my mum would recommend I read a book, which of course turned out to be a bad idea, I could not put the book down until I was done. But I loved reading and as long as I was reading and not watching tv, my mum was happy.

But what exactly is sleep training? Well, this is when you teach a baby/child how to sleep. Pretty simple neh? On paper yes, in real life it is a heart wrenching process (for me anyway).

I am struggling with sleep training Miss T. I have read the books, most methods involve baby crying it out. I cannot stand that, a baby crying for long periods. No, I could not do it. So I did not do it. I tried different things, and they worked, for a short while. But you see, the fact that I cannot sleep early, made me a bad sleep teacher. So I stopped trying and let the expert do their thing,

My hubby. You see, my husband is one of those people who will go to sleep at a certain time every night, in bed and sleeping in two minutes and be up bright and early following day. Same day everyday, whether work day or holiday.

After failing to sleep train Miss T, we realised that she didn’t mind going to bed early, she just did not want to go to bed alone and I didn’t want to go to bed when she went to bed. You see the dilemma.

Her daddy goes to bed early, they started going to bed together. So we will say our prayers and off they go, of course she still cries when its time to go to bed (she has been crying since we started) but depending on how tired she is, she is usually asleep in 5 minutes. When she is not tired, she starts singing to herself (if you join it takes longer) and then it takes up to 30 minutes.

I don’t regret using the crying method, but sometimes when I see some kids who were trained like that a bit of me wishes I was stronger. I am not that strong and I have also come to realise that the so called ‘experts’ who have written books and blogs about it are also not experts. It really is trial and error. What works for one mother will probably not work for the next mother. So if you know someone who sleep trained using the cry method and it worked, don’t worry too much. Not only is every child different, but every mother and father is different as well.




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