At least that is what I heard. And at the time, my 2 year old was snotty and feeling under the weather and I thought ‘wow, he knows that chewing on an onion is good for him.’
I put it down to my mother having taught him, being an avid believer in onion power herself. Onion is her cure all. You will suppress that cough for fear of being offered a raw onion. Actually, you will tell yourself that you are okay, for fear of having to chew down a huge chunk of onion.
So when Tenda asked for an onion, I cut one up and gave him a small piece. Being the taster that he is, he will never say no to anything he has to put in his mouth so off he happily went with his onion. And I thought all was going well until Tafi started screaming that he was spitting the onion all over.
We had a few more onion episodes. And sometimes I would not indulge but would offer a fruit which seemed to appease him. Bananas are his favorite.
One day he asked for an onion and I said no. A tantrum ensued but I stood my ground because experience had taught me that he didn’t really like the onions.
Tired of hearing her brother cry, Tafi came over and asked me, ‘Are the oranges finished? Why are you not giving him an orange?’
Shock horror as I hurried to give him an orange. All this time I thought he was asking for an onion kante he was asking for an orange.
We thank God for big sisters. My poor Tenda would have still been getting onions that he did not want, all because mummy didn’t know that his ‘onion’ was actually an ‘orange’!

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