I am one of the bravest people I know. Maybe it’s boredom, but I found myself on Booking.com a few weeks back looking for reasonable getaway places that catered for families with young children. I felt we all needed a break. My daughter has been sick so much this weekend and my husband has just been so busy. The place I had really wanted was Paternoster but try getting a place that accepts kids :-). So for now I am not even bothering with Paternoster. I found a place in Montagu at a great price and checked to see which weekend we could take and clicked book. 🙂 Then I let my husband know what I had done and gave him an hour to confirm if we could go before securing the place. One thing though, there are not that many places that are reasonably priced that cater for families with young children.
From the pictures, the place looked really nice. My husband is super picky so the place has to be nice more for him than the kids. When Miss T was younger, 2 months old I think. We went to Hermanus for a week. It was great, but I was so inexperienced that I literally carried 99% of her stuff with us. The car was super packed. Granted, we also had packed for a week and it was in Winter so we had packed jackets and what not. This time though was easier because we were only going to sleep one night so I was determined that we did not need to pack the whole house. Just as long as we made sure to remember medication in case of emergencies. Plus, now we don’t have that much space in the car with 2 car seats.
It is a 2 hour drive from Cape Town to Montagu and initially I had thought we could leave as early as 7 and and be in Montagu at 9 in time for breakfast. Well, we woke up at 7 :-). I know, I was so tired that I was struggling to get up. We eventually left the house at 10 I think, still thinking we could have breakfast somewhere closer to Montagu. The kids fell asleep as soon as we hit Beach Road but we knew we would have to stop sooner when Miss T woke up as we were joining the N2 on Jakes Gerwel asking if there was a banana nearby as her tummy was grumbling. We stopped on the N1 Engen filling station outside Kraaifontein for breakfast and a bathroom break for Miss T. That was a good 30 minute stop. I know, fast food is not as fast as we think it is. Then baby was fed and changed and off we went. 🙂 This was about 12. Just as we were about to enter Robertson, Miss T asked if there were toilets in Montagu and we knew we needed to stop. We found a filing station, Shell I think with clean toilets and she did her business. Baby was also changed and a layer of clothes removed as it was now getting really warm.
Our first hiccup came when we got to the first Stop/Go. Baby does not do stops very well and I think he wanted to do another number so he was uncomfortable in his seat. So we had our first bit of crying for the trip. Which he kept up until we stopped and changed him and then fed him.
We are both on Cell C and we were shocked when we arrived and realised that there was no cell c data coverage. The horror!!! We didn’t even have a paper map and to make it worse, there are road works and we didn’t want to find ourselves somewhere lost outside Montagu not knowing how to come back in. So we picked a random road to turn into towards the end of town which led us to a little dodgy looking shop.
We  eventually got to near where we would be staying and we could call our hostess and eventually found the place. The drive was not bad, even with the few crying bouts from baby. I think it is safe to say we travelled well.
The drive back was even easier with both kids sleeping until somewhere close to the tunnel, so the drive really was a good one.

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