I read an article the other day on News24 about feeding bras. It reminded me of the first time I needed to get a feeding bra. I have a big bust so I had a good idea what I needed to get.
Only problem was that I had no clue where to get it. The only place I can ever find pretty bras that fit well is Woolies, so off I went. 🙂 they had a 2 feeding bras. A beige/brown and a black one. Same design. And unfortunately I could not find the correct size. I figured it was better than nothing and bought the 2.
Come baby and I needed to use them and they didn’t fit well at all. I think I had gotten a 34F where I was a 32E (before pregnancy). When I started breastfeeding, I think I was a 32G. As a result, the cup size was small and band was too big and the bra was super uncomfortable. I was miserable.
Until I went to Storm In A G Cup and got measured and got proper sized bras. Even that was shortlived. The cup size was perfect, which I think was what mattered the most at the time. But they didn’t have the right size band wise. The lady thinking I would be big aka fat forever instisted I get a size 34. I got 2 bras. A month later I was back to 32 and the bras were big and didn’t offer any support but still way better than the Woolies ones.
With the second pregnancy I was a pro. I went to a different branch of Storm in a A G Cup and got fitted again. This time they had more of a variety and more people to help so the lady assisting was all hands on deck :-). I explained to her that I would need same size but cup size to increase to make allowance for when the milk came in. 🙂 She told me they could resize a bra down. 🙂 why hadn’t anyone told me this before? I bought 2 bras and 3 months in, I am still a happy camper. Some of the bras that I used with Miss T are still in great condition so I did not need that many bras.
How to choose a good maternity bra?
Get fitted: This is especially true for us bustier girls. Unless you try it on and get advise from a professional, there is a high probability that you will get it wrong.
Do not rush: Take your time when fitting maternity bras. If you are uncomfortable in the store, you will be uncomfortable at home regardless of what the assistant says. You are paying a lot of money so make sure it fits correctly and you are happy with it.

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