Birth control is a tricky one. After my last ordeal with a hormonal birth control method, I am not so keen on that anymore. But, you have to agree with me, hormonal birth control is easier to get and very easy to use. There are however a lot of non hormonal birth control methods available if you want to try that route.  I am going to be discussing a few here today.



I am going to assume that we all know what a condom is. Condoms have a dual purpose in that they prevent the spread of STIs as well as for birth control. There are male as well as female condoms available and if used correctly, the male condom is apparently 98% effective. It has been known to bust, get lost, come off and tear during sex so unless if you are very careful, there will be an oops or two. Condoms are readily available at shops and pharmacies as well as for free at clinics and most public toilets.



Not sure if people still use diaphrams. This is a small flexible cuppy like thing that you fit inside you before sex and remove afterwards. I will be honest, I have never thought of the diaphram as very reliable as it is something you put in and out. You can forget it when you have unplanned sex and I think it ruins the mood when you remember it halfway through and you have to run to get it. But if you really don’t want to fall pregnant I guess you will remember to put it in. It is however highly effective if used correctly, up to 94% effective.


IUD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device)

We called this the loop when I was younger. It is a small T-shaped device that the Dr fits into the uterus to prevent the sperm joining the egg. It is very effective against preventing unwanted pregnancy but it will not protect you againts STIs. It is very safe and lasts anything from 5 to 10 years.


Natural Family Planning

This is my favourite by far because you do not need to put anything inside you. It takes a lot of skill and effort to master this one. It involves learning about your body, your menstrual cycle and learning and knowing which days you are fertile and which days you are safe. It is a tricky one and if you don’t get it right it will not work. You both need to know that there will be days when you cannot have sex and you should be okay with that. The best way to do this is to get a fertility/contraception monitor which will accurately let you know your fertile days. One disadvantage will be the cost of the device.

Always remember that we are all different. What works for you may not work for someone else. If it doesn’t work for you it does not mean that something is wrong with you. Choose what works for you, whether hormonal or non hormonal.

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