I made my very first green smoothie today. I have been trying to start a vegetable garden for the longest time but every time I would plant seeds they would not grow (And I would forget to water). I got seedlings and they died as soon as I transplanted them 🙁 (Still need to find out why).


I finally got a small container and planted a whole lot of spinach seeds, put it on the patio and watered every other day. I was pleasantly surprised when they all sprouted (is that the word? Aah, germinated) and I found myself with lots of spinach seedlings. Never one to waste anything, I simply got more containers and transplanted the spinach. I tried to give away some seedlings, but I found no takers so I decided to keep them all.

A few died but lots survived and I now have a constant supply of nice homegrown spinach. Miss T absolutely loves spinach and it never goes to waste. Sometimes I find myself with too much spinach and today I wanted to try something different with the spinach so I decided to make a green smoothie. Now, I have tasted a lot of green smoothies and sometimes the taste leaves something to be desired. So I was careful about what I put in it. I loved it and can’t wait to make another yummy green smoothie.

1 cup of spinach (will add more next time)
1 red apple
1 teaspoon of chia seeds, presoaked in half a cup of milk
1 teaspoon of protein powder
130ml of chilled coconut water
1/3 cup of chilled apple juice
2 tablespoons of shredded coconut (optional, will leave out next time)


Put everything in the blender and blitz till smooth.
Poor into glass and enjoy your smoothie.

Green Smoothie

I will admit, because of the apple juice, the smoothie was a tad too sweet, probably why Miss T loved it so much. So next time I will leave it out completely. How do you make your green smoothie?

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