I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday, sweet pregnancy! The day I peed on a stick and got 2 lines. Actually, I knew I was pregnant even before the stick test. I had just started a new job (after 3 years of job hunting can you believe it?)

Let me not lie, I was ‘pregnant’ every month until my period came. I thought I would be one of the very fertile ones but it wasn’t until a year and a four months later that I knew that I was definitely pregnant. The stick was just confirmation. And I was so excited I took lots of pictures of the stick and spent the evening googling pictures of positive pregnancy tests just to be sure. I had had so many misses that I wanted to be sure before I told my husband who luck would have it was away on an audit.

The thought of the baby growing in me kept me happy throughout my pregnancy. Yes, there were times early on where I thought I had lost the baby, but all in all, I can wait to do it again. Being pregnant is amazing, the thought that a little person is growing inside you is just amazing. Yes, morning sickness is very real for many women, as well as the bloating, the swollen nose, the swollen feet. But once the kicking starts, you cannot help but smile through it all.

Before we try for baby number 2 though, we are going to take our time with number 1 and have lots of fun on this journey called parenthood. One thing that I always knew I would miss after delivery, carrying my baby with me everywhere. That’s one big advantage of pregnancy, being with your baby 24/7.

This blog is about being a new mum, what works for me, what doesn’t. Plus all those things that you vowed you would never do that you now look at and go, ‘What does it matter? Life is too short!’ Yes, YOLO is very real in parenting.

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