Christmas is a time of giving. I will not attempt to go into details about how it started, but some People believe it is the day Jesus Christ was born. Most know it is not, but celebrate it anyway as everyone is usually in such a jovial mood.

To celebrate this day and to remember his birth and his life, most people give to those in need and to their families and friends.

A couple of years back, 2017, on one Sunday morning, we went to Fruit and Veg City, the one in Tokai, near Retreat Station. As we were leaving, we were stopped by a red robot (traffic light). There is a gentleman who stands there every Sunday (not sure about the other days) by the name of John. Miss T was sitting quietly in the back and when she saw him she went ‘Mama, papa look, Jesus!’

Of course we were surprised and went ‘Pardon!’. To which she continued ‘Look, Jesus!’ then ‘Hi Jesus!’.

My husband then responded. ‘I guess it is true what the bible says, that at the end, Jesus will say, ‘When I was hungry and homeless, you did not feed me.”

It made me stop and wonder, how many of us only give a bit more because it is Christmas? How many of us drive past John or any other homeless person without so much as looking back? What exactly does Christmas mean? If it is a time of spreading love and joy, then why do we do it only once a year and not the whole year? Surely being kind and loving should be a way of life? What are we teaching our children?

It also made me realise that my daughter does pay attention to all the bible stories we read her. I get flustered sometimes when reading to her because halfway through the reading she gets distracted and starts doing something else. That means she is looking at my life, the way I treat people, the way I love or hate them, respect or disrespect them and she is becoming a bit like mummy every single day, a bit like daddy every single way. So we need to be very careful how we behave because we have a little person watching and looking out for Jesus everywhere.

So whatever you are celebrating, remember to look out for Jesus! Not just on Christmas Day or Christmas season but day in day out.

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