Just how difficult is it to entertain a two year old? Two year olds are really simple little people. They love shiny things and they love toys…… in the shop. Try buying a toy that your two year old is crying for in the shop and take it home and you will see. By the time you get home, she has moved on to another toy.

So, just how do you entertain a 2 year old?


  • Reading: This works, for a little while. Half the time I don’t even finish the story before Miss T has moved on to something else. TafiReadingGreenPoint
  • Television: I don’t know about your 2 year old, but for mine, this does not even last more than 2 minutes. After Barney matches in, she is ready for something else. She will come back at the end, ready to sing ‘I love you, you love me….’and to wave bye bye to Barney. Mr Maker, Teletubbies  and Swashbuckle take more time so I guess its finding the right programme for your two year old. Try not to get them sitting in front of the tv for too long.
  • Go for a Walk: Depending on the mood, you might do all the walking and carrying so make sure you carry a stroller.
  • Running: Miss T’s new favourite game. Running! My little princess can spend the whole day running if allowed. Of course this is a two person game, mummy or daddy needs to run in front or behind.
  • Tickle: Who knew? The amount of tickling we do in our home is amazing! It’s ‘Mama, tickle papa’ followed by ‘Papa, tickle mama’ Other than the fact that Mama and Papa get tired, this is one game that can take forever. Miss T loves seeing mama and papa laughing.
  • Swimming: Once Miss T is in the water, getting her out is near impossible. If she comes out for a potty break, she will come running back in. Never leave a child unsupervised in a pool area. Even if the pool is covered, make sure you can see her all the time.
  • Take out a ball: Miss T loves this one as well. She has even adapted the ball game, takes out her little broom and uses it to push the ball around.
  • Gardening: If you are not afraid of cleaning up after or your plants being torn off and nibbled, invite them to the garden with you and get your hands dirty. They love sand at this age and will enjoy getting dirty with mummy and daddy.
  • Shops: Miss T loves going to the shop, I think mainly to see other people as she loves waving and greeting people she does not know. Make sure your little one goes to the potty first and that she is well fed and has had a drink of water or juice so that there is close to nothing she wants at the shop. She loves riding in the trolley so we don’t have a problem with her throwing tantrums for things. If your child throws a tantrum in the shop, do not be flustered or worry about what other people may think. These things happen, just say no and let the child cry it out. We are all parents and we know that these little ones have powerful voices and super strong wills!
  • Take her to a Park: Honestly, this is the best thing that you can do if you have the time. Take some toys and take your little one to a park near you. Let her run around and play as much as she wants. Our favourite places are Green Point Park in Green Point, Cape Town. Not only is it free, it is well taken care of, in good condition for a free park actually. There are swings, slides, jungle gyms and lots of other things that your little one will love. Another place that Miss T absolutely goes crazy for is Bugzplaypark (www.bugzplaypark.co.za). Do not convince yourself that it is too far, you will kick yourself for not going earlier! That place is kiddie heaven! Kirtenbosch (www.sanbi.org/gardens/kirstenbosch) is another cool park that we love. We loved it more when she was a baby, but it is a great place for the whole family. Going to a park for the day is one of the best ways to entertain children.
  • Aquarium: Never a dull moment here. Lots to see and do and lots to learn as well. If your little one is bored or if you need some fresh air, the aquarium is another great way to entertain your little ones. (www.aquarium.co.za)


Remember that at this age, little ones love being busy so whatever you do, there has to be a lot of moving around and do not do one activity for too long otherwise they will be bored and start being naughty and cranky. When they are tired, let them nap and feed them good nutritious snacks. Have fun and do keep moving. When all else fails, take them to the beach and let them build a sand castle. It is a lot of work to entertain a 2 year old, but it is also a fun activity.

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