When I was pregnant, I tried to get everything ready before baby arrived.

Look for a paediatrician, good hospital, nanny vs school option, what I was going to feed my baby, formula vs breast feeding, natural vs C-section, which nationality the baby was going to be (My husband and I come from Zimbabwe and Botswana and live in South Africa)! Talk about clash of the nations!

There were so many things to consider and so little time, 9 months really is not a long time. Especially when the information is not readily available.

I did not have friends with older children nearby so I could not ask, there is so much information that you can get from the internet. Some decisions were easy, some were made for me (C-section could not be avoided). The one decision I sort of delayed was the paediatrician! My favourite paediatrician is in Botswana and I am 1500km away in Cape Town. I love my gynaecologist and I decided to wait and see the paediatrician that he would use when baby was delivered. I didn’t like him much after one visit I decided that I would not go back.

My list of good qualities of a paediatrician:

1. He must love babies

2. He must love people and be able to communicate with us as parents. No patronising and no assuming that we cannot afford his services!

3. He must be reasonably priced

4. His practice must be easily accessible and clean

5. The receptionist or any other staff should be warm and friendly and love children

6. He must not force his rules or beliefs on me

7. He must be willing/able to listen

8. It is 2015, he must have an electronic payment system and accept emails and not only fax!

I will admit, we were blessed and never had a sick baby. I went for the 4 week check up and didn’t get any joy from our hospital appointed paediatrician. He was more concerned about payment than on us as new parents (In his defence, a man has got to eat, he did not think we could afford his services). He wasn’t gentle enough with the baby, I understand they are tough little people, but whatever warm feeling I had went straight out the window.

Our  baby is now 2 years old, we have a gp who is just awesome and I am not really looking for a paediatrician anymore.

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