A few days back I shared my experience about the importance of child proofing your home. Tpday I would like to share some tips on how to actually make sure your home is child proof.

  1. Plugs: Children love putting their little fingers in the plug holes. They also love to play with the switches. To child proof the plugs, buy plug covers and put them in all your plugs. That way, even if they switch the plug on, there is nothing plugged and nothing can burn or choke them.
  2. Floors: Make sure floors are always dry, wipe away messes as soon as they happen and make sure that floors are not slippery.
  3. Drawers, cupboards: Unless these are empty, these need to be kept locked. If your cupboards don’t have locks, get fasteners. They make really cool ones that you can open easily that children cannot open.
  4. Stove: Always make sure that the pot handles are facing inside, nothing is hanging where children can pull them and get hurt. This past weekend I learnt that I needed to get something to cover the hob switches as they are on the side, right where Miss T can see and reach.
  5. Swimming pool: So many children have drowned because of uncovered pools. A pool cover is a must if you have a child. Not only that, whenever children are outside, never ever leave them unattended.
  6. Stairs: These are a hazard for children as they could fall and get hurt. A stair gate, at the top and at the bottom in important.
  7. Open drains: Get a drain cover. We have an open drain in the front yard and it took a while before we closed it so Miss T would just sit there and throw stones to see what would happen. Cleaning and removing the stones was such a hassle that we got a cover as soon as we could.
  8. Medicine: Make sure that all medicine is way out of reach of children. If you can, buy medicine with childproof tops in case they get their hands on a bottle.
  9. Door Stop: A door stop is important as it will keep your little one’s fingers and toes getting stuck or hurt by the door.
  10. Clean and Tidy: I know, not easy when you have a toddler but it is important to keep your home clean and clutter free. Children trip over things and eat little things when they think you can’t see them so make sure that the house is clean and there are no little things that they can put in their mouths

There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure your house is child proof, but the above 10 are a good start.



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