Have you watched the tv show ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’? I used to watch it a lot before I was pregnant, when I was wishing and praying myself pregnant. I fell pregnant and I stopped watching it, it was no longer relevant to me.I knew I was pregnant and I was going to enjoy ever minute of it.

I had recently started at my new job and though it the summer was very warm and I was still finding my feet, it didn’t make sense why I was so sleepy and tired. Even if I slept early I would fall asleep while someone was speaking to me. I was afraid to get a pregnancy test (too many upsetting results), so I decided to wait till my period was late by one day. The day after I went to Clicks to get a test and was terrified to pee on it. The drive home was awfully long. When I finally did, I was still worried, the second line had appeared but it looked very faint. Was I or was I not? I love google so I of course googled ‘pregnancy test results’ just to be sure.


Most of the pregnancy symptoms came later and they included:

  • Nausea: I could not stand the smell of meat or worse vegetarian soya substitutes. I did not vomit though.
  • Fatigue: Yeah, this I had throughout the whole pregnancy. To counter this, I took a lot of naps. I had an hour for lunch at work so half of this was dedicated to sleep.
  • Hot flushes: yep, I was always hot. I didn’t experience winter that year. I was on fire.
  • Food aversions: I could not stand the taste of certain food
  • Tender breasts: This came later, my breasts swelled and were very sensitive.
  • Back pain: I did not expect this one, but my lower back was painful

The best way to find out if you really are pregnant is to take a test and to confirm it at the Dr’s.

The symptoms and discomforts will either go away or fade. If they get worse, talk to your Dr, he can give you something to alleviate the symptoms.

What were/are some of your symptoms and what are you doing to alleviate them and be comfortable?

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