I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted. I am good at making excuses, I could say I was busy, too tired, new job (Already used this one). But the truth is, I have just been plain lazy. When I am lazy, my mind rests a bit, but after a while, I cannot keep it still. That’s where I am at right now. So much I want to do and yet there are not enough hours during the day. Sounds familiar?

This time of the year is one of my favourite, why? HOLIDAY GALORE!!!! Holiday here, holiday there…. It feels like we just cannot get enough of the holidays :-). I am not complaining, far from it, I love holidays :-). Weekends are mainly for sleeping in and doing mostly work (garden, cleaning, errands) but holidays 🙂 Ooh la la! Those are for proper fun!

I have been looking at the  calendar for a while, wishing the holidays would come sooner, well, there are around the corner and guess what? Yours trully has absolutely no plans. So much so that I am getting overwhelmed at the thought of all the things I want to do. Its a bit too late for a weekend away as most places will be packed with clever people who made plans earlier and booked (One day that will be me). So now I am looking for places around Cape Town where my family and I can have mad fun :-).


I have written about child friendly places around Cape Town where one can go without breaking the bank, and I am leaning towards the following:

  • Green Point Park (Free entry and at this time of the month, that’s a great bonus)
  • Bugs Play Park (Entrance fee might be a deterrent, but Miss T will be on cloud 9 here)
  • Vredenheim in Stellenbosch (Amazing gardens, reasonably priced picnic basket plus a lion park with other wildlife, Miss T will refuse to come back home!)
  • Movies (Miss T gets bored very easily but who knows)
  • Drive to the west coast for a day (Hmmm, tempting. Mummy will love, not sure about Miss T)
  • V & A Aquarium (Another little bit of heaven for Miss T)
  • Day in Franschhoek (Now this mummy will definitely love and enjoy. I am sure we can find something for Miss T there)
  • Boulders Beach (Weather permitting this might be a great one for Miss T)
  • Imhoff Farm (Might be packed, but Miss T will love the animals)
  • World of Birds (Entrance fee might be a deterrent but I think Miss T will appreciate the birds)

There is so much to do even though we won’t be going away for the holidays. One place I plan to avoid is shopping malls! Malls are for weekends, not holidays!

What are your plans for these holidays? Planning to chill at home or have a trip all planned out? Whatever you do, make sure you are safe on the roads. Make sure you are safe where you are and come back safely.

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