These are words in one of my favourite songs. ‘Here they bloom but for a season, soon their beauty is decayed’
Life really is unfair. A young girl came to Cape Town to study, went missing while doing a simple errand. I was praying for her safe return. I was shattered when it was discovered that she had done on the same day that she went missing. Killed after being raped by a man who worked at the post office where she had gone for a parcel.
The stories are many. Young women gone missing. Young women abducted. Young women killed for their bodies. Young women harrassed. When will it stop? Surely we cannot live like this until Jesus comes? It has to get better. I don’t know how or when, but surely it has to get better.
I cannot and will not even attempt to talk about why men do the things they do, but it has to stop. We are tired of living in fear. Wondering if the person you are helping, the person who is helping you does not have some sinister motive. Are we supposed to stay indoors locked up? Are we supposed to only interact with women? I know I am overreacting, but what else can we do when we are being threatened everywhere?
I do not have a solution. I do not want a solution after the fact. I want to turn back the hands of time, bring back Uyinene, bring backĀ  Leighandre, bring back Janika, bring back Karabo, bring back Jesse, bring back Lynette, bring back Meghan, bring back all the women we have lost at the hands of men not only in South Africa but everywhere in the world.
I am going to a city
Where the streets are golden laid
Where the tree of life is blooming
And the roses never fade
Here they bloom but for a season
Soon their beauty is decayed
I am going to a city
Where the roses never fade
In this world we have our troubles
Satan snares we must evade
We will free from all temptation
Where the roses never fade
Loved one’s gone to be with Jesus
In their robes of white array
They are waiting for my coming
Where the roses never fade

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