I honestly believe that every one should have a happy place. Ideally we should be happy wherever we are, but we know that is not always possible, so we need to have that one place where we can get our happy on. 
When I was still in Botswana, my happy place was in Jackalas No 1, our village. Whenever I needed to recharge and take a break from every thing, I would drive 450km plus to Jackalas. Network was crappy, life was simple, worries were about things that could be fixed. You got there and all your worries and burdens just disappeared. Your mind cleared, your spirits cheered up and you felt alive again. The sunrise and sunset was magical. I miss that a lot. I don’t trust remote places in South Africa (no peace of mind if you are worried about being attacked).

I recently took my daughter to Kirstenbosch garden. It was actually more for me than for her. And after a snack on the way there, she started to fall asleep. We got there and she hadn’t quite fallen asleep but she was very sleepy. She insisted on being carried and as I was carrying too much, I offered to put her on my back. She refused. I had promised her ducks and she wasn’t about to sleep and miss out on that. So she walked. As soon as she saw the flowers, all signs of sleep disappeared. That my baby was happy is an understatement. I will admit, laziness on my part means we don’t do Kirstenbosch as much as we used to when she was younger. (We were regulars when she was a few months old). I think that was also more for me than for her, I needed to get out of the house.
Back to this day. Seeing my baby so happy at simple things like plants and flowers made me so happy. So happy that now I know that if I am feeling low, I need to make my baby happy and I will be super happy. 

She loved smelling the flowers, who knew that flowers can smell ‘purple’. 
The beauty of a place like Kirstenbosch is that there is so much to see and do and it is huge, never a dull moment, even better with a 2 year old. 

I let her pick a spot, after 2 mini tantrums about wanting a balloon (we passed a number of party picnics with balloons). We followed guinea fowl to a small pond and she instructed me to sit down and that was where we spent our day.
We played catch, we picked flowers, we spoke to and ran after ducks, we stirred the water, pretended to catch fish and just ran around aimlessly without a care in the world. I got home that evening feeling alive, feeling refreshed and at peace. My baby was exhausted but extremely happy and do was I.
I am happy that I have found one more place to add to my list of happy places. One can never have enough happy places.

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