Did I tell you I was a gardener? I started gardening last year, in a small scale. I actually started earlier, but for some reason, nothing would grow. I blamed the seeds but could not get myself to get fresh packets. I also blamed the weather and location (I told myself that Cape Town weather was not conducive).

 Then I met someone who had a small garden that was producing lots of veggies and I quietly went back to the drawing board. I took those seeds and replanted them. Imagine my shock when the plants started growing. 

The thing is, I was trying to grow the plants indoors, but I did not know how to make sure that the environment was ideal. I swear I followed those Pinterest guides to the t, but to no avail. So this time I put aside my ‘Cape Town has bad weather’ mentality and put the pots outside. If I was to tell you how much we have eaten from that small garden, you would not believe me. I started with spinach and mixed herbs. The only herb to come out of that packet was cilantro. I had to buy individual herb packets and those are now coming up so nicely. 

I didn’t have money when I started my garden, but I had even less money to be buying fresh veggies daily so I knew I had to make it work. I could not afford a planter so I went to Mambos and bought medium sized containers. Checkers for potting soil and more seeds and I was good to go. 

I have done a bit of gardening when I was a teenager, but that was with my dad guiding me so now I realize that there is more to gardening than putting seeds and watering. One other thing I have realized is that the times on the pack are a guide. My biggest pests are snails, I had a problem with aphids in the spinach at one point but it looks like they have moved on. 

When I went back to work, I swore I didn’t have time for my small garden. But yesterday I spent a but of time in the garden and the joy and satisfaction I had at the end have made me realize that I need my garden and gardening time, so going forward, I will be my garden’s best friend.
Are there any aspiring gardeners out there? What are some of the challenges you are facing?

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