I moved to Cape Town 5 years ago and was very fortunate to have a very hands on friend :-). We had not seen each other in ages, but we literally picked up where we had left off. At the time I was staying in Brackenfell, Northern Suburbs and she had just moved to the Southern suburbs from Brackenfell. Let me be honest, I cannot say I struggled to fit in. My friend would drive 30-40km from her house or work to show me around. When I needed to go to the Dr, she recommended her Dr who turned out to be amazing.

I honestly did not think I needed a gynaecologist at the time. My friend tried to get me to see one, but like I said, I did not think I needed one so I brushed her off. Well, I got off the pill and started spotting non stop and the Dr was not helpful so I went back to her. I was still new in Cape Town (13 months later) and I did not trust myself to find a gynae on my own. She gave me a list of gynae’s she had seen and liked. I called the one nearest to my house and he was so busy that I could only get an appointment in 2 months. I ruled him out.

  • Your gynaecologist should not be too busy that you struggle to get an appointment. He/she may be good, but if you can never get an appointment, when will you see them?

I made an appointment to the next Dr and I got an appointment for that week. 1 Point for him. I was impressed by the clean office, parking as well as friendly staff.

  • Not only should the Dr make you comfortable, the support staff should be friendly as well. Parking is a bonus.

I went in to the Dr and he was warm and happy to see me, it was like I was meeting an old friend. I guess he was happy at a new client, but that won me over. I opened up to him and he listened and gave advise that I thought was very helpful.

  • Trust is important. You need to trust your gynae. If you feel you do not trust your gynae, by all means do not go back.


Other things to consider would be:

  • Where and when was the Doctor trained?
  • Is the Doctor certified?
  • Does the gynaecologist take medical aid? And does the he take your medical aid?
  • Is the gynaecologist attached to any hospital and are you okay with that hospital?
  • Does the gynaecologist have a covering Dr for when he/she is not available?
  • Google the gynaecologist, mummy forums. What do other people say about the gynaecologist?


What other questions/factors do you think are important when choosing a gynaecologist?



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  1. Orlenda

    October 31, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Hi, my daughter just got sick at work and went to the doctor who told her that she needs a gyneachologist asap as she is 23years not sexually active but had last since her periods in March. She is not on medical aid but we need a gynea asap to pay privately. Please I need your assistance immediately.

    Kind regards
    Orlenda ( mom)

    1. CapeTownMum

      November 13, 2016 at 3:04 pm

      Hi Orlenda,

      Did you find a gynae? Where in Cape Town are you based?

      1. Orlenda

        November 13, 2016 at 9:03 pm

        Hi there

        No, I have not. I am in Parow Nothern suburbs but can go anywhere where there is availability as some that are contacted are fully booked.

        Kind regards,

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