I will probably not be giving a day by day view of my sugar-free month, but I thought I should share how the first day went (accountability is good). Well, day 1 went well. Great in fact. I was not hungry. Somewhere deep down I wanted ice cream and a nice ‘refreshing’ cold drink. And it just clicked now how I have been brainwashed… ‘refreshing’…! Anyway, I was so full that I could not stand the thought of putting anything else in me after a while. So the ‘need/want’ for that refreshment died soon. I ate healthy meals all day, portion control was on point. Which led me to another realization… I overeat 🙁



I honestly don’t remember loving sugar or having issues with sugar. The only sugar I used to love was in chocolate, that was what I used to eat a lot of. And Ice cream of course. Cakes and biscuits not so much. I guess the bulk of the sugar I was consuming was hidden in the other foods that I was eating. Of late though, I was drinking a lot of my sugar, not that much though, but what is much though? I don’t remember the last time I put ‘sugar’ in anything. Outside fruit, ocassional honey in tea, and the daily sugar free can of juice, I was not really taking in too much sugar. Or was I? I am starting to wonder if I am over stressing this sugar free thing.


Portion Control…

So one thing that I need to look at seriously here is my portion sizes. I size the food with my eyes, and my eyes have never told me that the food on my plate is enough. They always go ‘Mmm, are you sure that’s enough? You are not going to be full’. And because my eyes would have declared it, of course, I won’t be full. And then I go back for more and more, depending on how nice the food is. Sometimes I eat because there is food in the house! Joo, I have an unhealthy relationship with food don’t I? Makes me wonder if it really is about food or something else… Of course, now I wonder if I should quit the sugar-free challenge and focus on whatever ‘issues’ I have.


I have had a great day 1, so I think I should keep it up. But even as I type this, I am starting to wonder what else I will find out about myself and habits on this journey.


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