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Welcome to 2018


Happy New Year Happy New Year and welcome back and welcome to all the new readers!!! Hopefully you travelled well and arrived safely and had a great holiday. Or if you are like me who staycations every December holiday I hope you had a great .

Strawberry Picking in Cape Town


With an almost 3 year old, our weekends are never simple stay at home do nothing weekends. One thing that is a must when you have a toddler is strawberry picking. There are a number of farms around Cape Town where you can do that at this time of .

Miracle tonic

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My absolute favorite spice is turmeric. I have a number of favorites, but turmeric is KING! It is a wonder drug and I believe every home should have turmeric in their kitchen cabinets. I use it in everything, literally. Food, body, home. I use .

No cook easy play dough recipe


This I did not do myself. I left Miss T with her daddy for a few hours one evening and he got busy trying to keep her busy. It worked and she absolutely enjoyed her evening with daddy. He didn’t colour the dough, but you can go wild adding .

The thing about diapers


When I was pregnant, I was not sure which brand of diapers I would/should use. I decided to get one pack of Huggies and one pack of pampers. Those were the only two brands I knew and trusted, not because of anything really, but that is what .

10 Things that baby needs


When I was expecting Miss T, I didn’t want to fall into the trap into the ‘new parent syndrome’ of buying everything. So I made a list of things that baby needs. Though I often don’t follow my lists, they keep me focused. .

11 Things baby really does not need


There are so many things being sold to mothers to be. Some they need and most they don’t need. I have a lot of things in my house that I bought for baby that I later realised I didn’t need. There is a lot of things, but I ended up .