I always thought breastfeeding was an African thing, as in, African mothers take pride in breastfeeding. But ever since I had Miss T, I have met a number of young African mothers who do not want to breast feed. Which is really sad. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a few mothers who find they don’t have enough milk and try as they might they end up being frustrated and resort to formula. Then there are those who start with low milk and eventually it comes in and they have tonnes of milk.
Then I have met a few women who are just too busy to breastfeed, for some its an inconvenience and some have no reasons but they just don’t want to do it. Some women have health problems that make it
I had Miss T via emergency c-section 2 weeks before she was due. I had a few complications and breastfeeding did not go well. Drodgy and tired as I was, the lactation consultant came in late at night to ‘help’. I don’t think I heard anything she said. She came back in the morning and told me that I had an inverted or flat nipple and asked me to get a nipple puller thingy. I told my husband, who despite not knowing anything about breastfeeding refused to get it. He did not want to ask the attendants at the shop, I got annoyed and said he shouldn’t bother.
As a result, baby was not really able to latch properly and as a result she was not getting anything from me, she lost weight…. a lot of weight. It was in that frustration that hubby finally got a nipple puller and the rest is history. I asked him to get a manual breast pump as well and I think the stimulation and accessible nipples stimulated milk and my baby finally got some goodies :-).

I had always wanted to breastfeed so it pained me greatly when I could not early on. What pained me even more was people suggesting that I should give the baby formula instead of giving positive advice or asking what I wanted.


Why did I want to breastfeed so much?

1. I think its a great way for mummy and baby to bond
2. It makes me feel like my baby needs me 🙂
3. It calms mummy down
4. It calms baby down and makes baby happy 🙂
5. Best food for baby, contains everything that baby needs
6. It is the cheapest food for baby
7. Its more digestible for baby
8. Helps mummy’s uterus shrink after birth
9. Great for mummy’s weight loss
10. Does not need any preparation, always available for baby

And yes, I breastfeed on demand, whenever, wherever, if baby wants to feed, baby will be fed 🙂

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