So the other day I got to Pick and Pay and their blueberries were so cheap that although I had set out to buy just 1 punnet, I walked out with about 4. Not that I am complaining, they were dead cheap! I bought 4 for the price of 2 and they are never wasted in my house as Miss T loves blueberries so I knew I would get a happy baby.

After a while though, I realised that I would need to use some for something other than eating. Last year I made lots of homemade Strawberry ice cream during strawberry season so I figured, why not try blueberry ice cream.

Now, I am trying to cut back on sugar and beating the ice cream (I don’t have an ice cream machine). So I searched online for an easy recipe. The recipe I followed was as follows:


  • Blueberries (a cup and a half)
  • Cream (250ml)
  • condensed milk (I had never used condensed milk before, I figured it would be sweeter than a cup of sugar)



  • Wash the blueberries
  • Pour cream into a bowl and beat until fluffy and stiff.
  • Mash or cut or blend the blueberries and add to the cream.
  • Mix the cream and the blue berries and add the condensed milk (I used half the tin)
  • Put in the freezer (apparently this recipe doesn’t need constant churning)

Verdict: It turned out well, but I didn’t like the taste. It had a weird taste, but Miss T absolutely loved her Blueberry ice cream. I will try redo it with real sugar to see if it is the condensed milk that gave it that weird taste. Or maybe I added too little condensed milk? Or too little blueberries? I will recreate and take pictures of the final product and the stages in between. I got caught up in making and completely forgot to document the process.

Have you ever made your own blueberry ice cream? How did it turn out? Do share with us.

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