Should I or shouldn’t I? How does one decide what to talk about on a blog anyway. I don’t blog that often, but I always have tonnes of stuff to say and share. Sometimes I feel it may offend a friend (until I realized my friends don’t read my blog), and sometimes I am just lazy to type it, sometimes I feel it may be taken the wrong way, and sometimes I know a lot of parents out there will love and appreciate the hype. Most of the time I just type away what is in my heart. I am at that point in my life (aka too old to care), where I am not really blogging for popularity. Maybe I should, and I probably will write one or two or a few posts for mileage, but I would like the bulk of my posts to be about my way of parenting. The joys and pains of life as a parent, in Cape Town. Helping other parents navigate easier by sharing my experiences.


I was reading another one of my favourite blogs and she mentioned that life is short and we blog to document our lives with our little ones and it reminded me that that was how I started as well. Life is short, life with our little ones is even more short. One second you are pregnant, the next baby is here. You blink baby is eating, sitting up, crawling and walking. Then school starts. Before you know it you have teenagers. Varsity, then they are out on their own. I know, I sound a bit too melodramatic, but I am just trying to highlight the importance of spending time with our babies, our loved ones. The importance of documenting every little thing that they do, the time we spend. At the end of the day, that will be all that matter. The experiences lived with our children.


Right, now back to the question of how to choose what to blog about.


Honestly, only you can decide. But planning is very important otherwise you will find yourself doodling all over the place. And sometimes you might find yourself having writers block. Not because you have no content, but because you do not know what to share, there will be too much to share. First and foremost, decide how often you want to share. An organized once or twice a week or a random sometimes during the week like I do. I know, some people have a formula, but this is life, it just happens, no, you make it happen.

Make a list of topics you find interesting. Don’t limit yourself to a number. Just hunker down and list them. When you have listed, whittle it down to the ones that you really like and you think you can do justice to. Leave room for those random interesting life tidbits that tend to crop up and disrupt blogging schedules. Start writing and sharing and remember to enjoy it and enjoy living life with your family and children.

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