My birthday is coming up in a few days! Yay! And I am not sure how I want to celebrate it. I am actually never sure how to celebrate my birthdays. Just having one day a year to celebrate you feels too short, don’t you think?
This year, I have decided that I am going to celebrate the whole year. I am not going to throw parties or anything, I am just going to be very deliberate about appreciating myself this year. I am going to do everything I like, but instead of waiting for the next year(s), I am going to do it bit by bit with my family.
In case you are like me and sometimes find yourself wondering how to celebrate yourself, here are a few ideas that you can try out:
– Brunch/ Dinner/ lunch/ picnic with your family and friends
– Buy yourself a bouquet: You can either get yourself one for your birthday or every week during your birthday month
– Buy yourself a box of good quality artisan chocolate
– High tea with your friends
– Spa day/ Massage alone or with a loved one
– Clothes shopping: Treat yourself and get yourself that nice and pricey item you have been wanting
– Book Shopping
– Go to a music show
– Take up a creative class
– Do something for someone less fortunate
– Buy a gift for your parents
– Stay in bed all day
– Movie marathon
– Go for a drive
– Do something that scares you 🙂
– Weekend trip away
– Go dancing
– Go for Karaoke
Whatever you decide to do, remember, it is all about you. If you cannot do anything now, no one says you cannot do something in a month, earlier or way later or like me, a bit every month.
What else can you do to celebrate your birthday?

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