I don’t think one can ever be ready for school, but we can try to make the experience smoother, not only for ourselves but for the kids as well. If I can be honest, I do not do last minute well. When it was just me, it was another story, that was all I ever did… last minute. But I am sure other parents can agree with me that once the children are here, last minute becomes an illusion. Little people need structure and planning otherwise there will be tears, frustration, chaos, fear, confusion and more tears.

Since Miss T came, I plan well before hand because she also gets stressed when mummy is stressed and running around like a headless chicken.


Just how can one get ready for the new school year?

Start the year before

  • Wash bags: If the bags are in good condition and you are not planning to replace them, wash them as soon as the term ends and put them in a safe place.
  • Lunch boxes: Do not leave this to chance. If you are replacing these, replace them as soon as term ends and keep them in the washed/new bag.
  • Do clothes/uniform still fit: Miss T is still in creche so she doesn’t wear uniform yet, but planning for her school clothes is also done in advance. There is nothing as frustrating as thinking a child has something to wear only to find that clothes are torn, old or too small. Whatever needs to be mended should also be done earlier.
  • Stationery: I actually don’t think there is much learning the first week of term, but for stationery that needs to be ordered you need to make sure you do so before you go on holidays. After the holidays there will be issues of items being out of stock and delivery delays to deal with.
  • Fees: If you have the money now, pay the fees now so that when the new year rolls around you have no worries about fees.


Week before

  • Check clothes, iron, mend or replace. Set out clothes or uniform for the term or month if you can’t do long term
  • Meal plan: School snacks, suppers. What is the family going to be eating? What are the kids going to be eating at school? Plan healthy meals in advance as it does get hectic during the term, not only for the kids but even parents rushing to and from school and work.
  • Snacks: Buy whatever will be going in the lunchboxes now.



Day before

  • Eat supper early: This is to get them ready to get to bed early
  • Pack bags: Pack everyone’s bags ready for the day. You might not have time in the morning.
  • Get children to sleep early: This ensures that they will be well rested and ready for school the next day. And gives mummy and daddy a bit more time alone 😊
  • Set out clothes: This makes your life in the morning so much easier


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