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Driver’s License Conversion in South Africa – 2021

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What an experience! Not a bad one though. I was honestly expecting a horrible experience, but it wasn’t bad at all.  I went last year as soon as my ID came out. That was not a pleasant experience at all, but I am glad that is sorted. Glad that I .

Great is the Lord

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Great is the Lord I love the song ‘Great is the Lord’, by Hezekiah Walker. It’s a great song, you should listen to it. You can listen to it here I was listening to it on repeat. Praising and worshiping and thinking about  God’s greatness. .

How to stop being lazy

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  Go to the ant, you lazybones! Consider its ways, and be wise.  It has no chief, overseer or ruler; yet it provides its food in summer and gathers its supplies at harvest-time. Lazybones! How long will you lie there in bed? When will you .

Teaching Children About Saving Goals


Just what are saving goals? A saving goal is when you save money specifically for something. Usually we save money for the future, but having saving goals makes saving more sweeter (I believe). When I used to work for a bank, I was big on .

Faith like a child

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Faith like love is one of those ‘common’ words that we use so often but apply or show little. Children are amazing little people! I guess we were also amazing at that age, we’ve just grown up and forgotten how amazing we are. .

Finding your passion

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Passion! We live during a time when the saying ‘Nothing new under the sun’ rings very true. Finding your passion… How much has already been written about this? A lot right? How many ‘Finding your passion’ tests are .

God knows me, perfectly

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God knows me, perfectly! He does, doesn’t he? And not just me, you and you and you and everyone in the world. God knows you better than anyone else knows you. Better than you know yourself. So, what does that mean to you? That when you .

Review: Sunlight Expert Dishwasher Tablets

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Sunlight Expert Dishwasher Tablets   Have you ever used Sunlight Expert Dishwasher Tablets? Or any Sunlight Dishwasher Tablets? I had not. Not sure why though because for the ‘normal’ dishwashing soap I prefer Sunlight. I was .

Growing up and Careers


What do you want to be when you grow up is a question that probably all of us have been asked in our lives. Should we still be asking each other and our children questions about their careers? Should we rather not focus on what gives them joy .