I am a sucker for discounts, really, I am. Good proper discounts, not the nonsense that most retailers try to give us. Pretending that thee is a special while in actual fact they are giving us normal prices.

I used to love Fruit and Veg, I still do, but not as much. Back in the day, if there was a special for 2 or 3 things, you could get individual items still at the sale price, as in sale price divided by 2 or 3. My husband was surprised, it didn’t make any sense. It made perfect sense to me, I was there for the special of course and if I could get one item still at the special price, even better. It meant I could get a variety of fruits and veggies :-). I guess someone heard my husband’s concerns. I walked in one day and the individual price didn’t make much financial sense to my pocket and mind anymore. Considering that Fruit and Veg is out of my way, now I only shop the when I am in the neighborhood, their advantage has fallen away.

A few days ago, I found myself at Fruit and Veg and I figured I would go in and see what they had. They had a few bargains but I found myself drawn to the apricots. They were dead cheap. So I decided to get the special. Of course, they were not very fresh, but I figured I could do stuff with them. Got home, ate a few with Miss T and then could not have any more. So I washed and puréed half and put in the freezer, I believed I called it a sorbet. I haven’t tasted it yet so I can’t tell you if that experiment went well or not.

After searching for an easy recipe to do with apricots, I settled for good old apricot jam. Mainly because it called for 3 ingredients. Yep, only 3! And I had all 3 in my kitchen.

Apricot Jam Recipe


– apricots (1 and a half punned)

– lemon juice (used half a cup)

– sugar (cup)

– I added a cup of water but later regretted it. Add half a cup or none


– Boil bottles and kids for storing jam.

– Peel apricots and remove pit. Cut it into small pieces. Most recipes call for firm, but mine were super ripe and very squishy.

– Add sugar, lemon and put on the stove. I must admit, I only used one cup of sugar because I was out of sugar. I would have used slightly more if I had more. It has a lovely tarty taste. Let it simmer for at least 30 – 40 minutes

– Keep stirring as it simmers to prevent it sticking. To check if it is done, I usually out a teaspoon of jam in a saucer and let it cool down. If it is still funny then it hasn’t set.

– Remove from heat and put into bottles.

– Enjoy your apricot jam on bread or scones.

My husband loves fig jam, he has not complained about a lack of fig jam. He is enjoying the apricot jam too much.

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