I don’t even know what to call this post. No, it is not a rant :-). An observation more like.


You see, I love writing. In my way, my own quirky, most probably unstructured way. But I have not been writing as often as I would like. I think of writing a lot. Like a lot a lot.


I also do a lot of introspection. I want to be a better mother, a better person, a better friend. To do this, I read a lot of self help, self motivation, growth books. I also listen to a lot of motivation, growth videos on YouTube. Which I find amazing because it is the sometimes the simple things that standout. I am learning and growing in heaps mainly because of things that I knew but sort of keep forgetting.


I am reading a book that talks to working on one’s strengths, strengthening that and one’s talents in order to be happier and to be more fulfilled. So in one of my moments, I decided I would aim to do more things that I am really passionate about. If you follow my other blog www.karabojhamba.co.za, then you will know I have going been on about passion, about finding your passion, about working on your passion daily. Because life is really too short and too nice to spend it doing things that you do not like, things that drain you and that do not bring out the best in you.



So…….. I looked at my life, my activities and realised that what makes me happy. What makes me passionate is writing.

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