A few weeks back, I shared an exercise program I would be using to try close my DR (Diastasis Recti). So far so good. Even though I did not measure myself at the beginning of the month when I started. The exercises are easy enough, even though I wonder how effective they are (probably because I have not been consistent).


One thing I have been super consistent about is eating well. When I was younger I was a jealous guard over what went into my body. As I grew older, I started taking a back seat approach to my health. Even though the pregnancies did strain my body a bit, my body had started taking a hit long before I fell pregnant. I do not want a quick fix solution, which is why I am also tackling my eating habits.


5 Tips to eat healthier


Have I told you how much I loved bread? And rice, and pasta and more bread! I do not think this was my downfall though. My biggest problem was sugar, especially in juices. I honestly don’t remember drinking so much juice growing up. Oros yes. I drank so much Oros one summer that it made me so sick and I have never been able to bring myself to drink Oros again. The other juices were also making me sick, but clearly not sick enough that I should stop taking them.


Well, at the beginning of the month when I started the challenge, I also challenged myself to eat and drink better. This means more wholistic food and more water. It has not been easy, but it has been achieavable. I do not want to set myself up for failure, so I am not looking for instant results. Yes, I weigh myself whenever I see a scale, but I am not worried if the scale isn’t moving as fast as I want. I am going for a long term change.


how to eat right to lose weight


How have I made sure that I eat right?

  • Prepare food in advance: The one thing that was killing me was breakfast and lunch. I have since started preparing lunch and breakfast before I leave for work and it has been amazing. I also save money as I don’t buy on impulse anymore.
  • Carry a water bottle: Sip throughout the day. This will keep your tummy (and bladder full) and leave no room for those sugar drinks.
  • Eat before going shopping: This was one of my weak spots and I would find myself looking for chips or chocolate or a drink to fill up. Now I take a fruit or carrot with if I do not have time to eat before going shopping. This also saves you money in that you don’t buy unnecessary things.
  • Just say no: I have a 4 year old who is accustomed to my Nos. To keep myself in check, I have started telling myself no.
  • Always have healthy snacks around: If we are completely honest with ourselves, when you are supposed to be eating well, it feels like you are constantly hungry. Keep a fruit or a packet of nuts food in your bag, some in your drawers at work and lots in your kitchen at home.


Diastasis Recti

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