Have you ever tried this challenge? A day without technology? Well, not technology per say, maybe just your cellphone?
I don’t need a study to tell me how much time I spend on my cellphone, I know it’s too much. PC and laptop unfortunately are my tools of the trade so I use them at least 10 hours daily. Not including tv at home as well as cellphone usage time. (Gosh, it really is much isn’t it?) If I were to be honest, the only time I am not bombarded with technology is when I am sleeping. And that’s a scary thought isn’t it?
Well, armed with all this information as well as feelings of being overwhelmed by all the information online, I decided to take a day off. Well, not exactly 24hours. But a whole working day (I was on leave that day), the kids at school, my husband on leave with me (with his phone on and by his side).
First: It was refreshing. Absolutely refreshing to not have my phone distracting me. Like I said, I was with my husband and it was nice to listen to him, (watch him fiddling on his phone). Its not like I am busy and I need to be constantly on the phone, no. I just love being busy on the phone, starring at ‘stuff’ that adds absolutely no value to me. I was able to truly spend time with and on my husband, giving him my undivided attention and I loved that.
Second: I didn’t die! And no one died. Yes, sometimes there will be emergencies and people will need to get hold of you. My most urgent emergency is my children, hubby too, but he was with me on the day and he was the back up plan. Like I said, children are number one. When I know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, then I really can afford to give my phone, my eyes, my mind a break. And I did.
Third: Time! I had more time to do a lot of things. I had more time to think and see the world as it passed me by.
I will admit, I was less stressed at the end of the day. I had missed a lot that had happened while I was offline, but it did not matter. Not at all.
I would like to say I had a lot more device free days, but I would be lying. That experiment was seemingly once off, but it has made me more aware and as a result I have deleted apps from my phone that I found distracting. Yes, I still have a lot of things on my phone that I thought I would need and use that I am yet to need and use, but I will get to removing them one day. I will get back to when the phone was a mode of communication, because I for one am yet to use all its other ‘magical’ powers for the good they were meant for.

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