It arrived in the afternoon and Tafi thought it was a joke. She laughed when she saw it, and asked ‘why would anyone buy you a tree. It’s so small.’
‘Your dad bought it for me.’ I had replied in amusement.
‘Why?’ She asked again. ‘What are you supposed to do with it? Will it grow to be a big tree?’
‘No, this is it.’ I responded
She shrugged her shoulders and then said, ‘Put it outside, trees stay outside.’
‘No, this one can stay inside sometimes.’ I replied, surprised that she wanted it outside when she has never said I should put my flowers outside.
‘My dad is strange for getting you a tree. He should have gotten you flowers.’ She said on her way out of the kitchen, back to play.
My bonsai tree. A gift from my husband, no occasion. Just a ‘I love you’ in the middle of the year, in the middle of the day. I loved it. Tafi did not and I don’t think she has changed her mind.
I am still learning how to care for it. So far it is lushy green and absolutely gorgeous. I hope it stays that way. I water it whenever I water my tomato plants. Which is every other day. I don’t know if that is too much or too little.
I am getting to know my bonsai. I read somewhere that it would be okay to be put outside, so I decided to put it outside…. if you guessed it was right next to my tomato plants then you guessed right. Ha ha ha
A few weeks later I moved it back into the house, storm warning what what. The other plants were moved to a safe place but I wanted the bonsai were I could see it. So into the house it went.
My ever observant daughter noticed and proceeded to ask ‘what vegetables or fruit are we getting from your tree?’
‘Nothing’ I responded, feeling really bad for my tree which according to my child was an under performer!
5 years of Tafi experience have taught me that over explaining is the worst thing you can do. Give her as much information as she needs and if she needs more, she will ask. I have also learnt that 90% of the time her silence simply means her little cogwheels are busy churning, at the right moment, the next question will come. So I left it at that.
It is not over for my little Bonsai. The questions will come and we will continue to learn as much as possible about Bonsais as we all about other things in life.
Parenting an inquisitive little child is a real joy. Never a dull moment.

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