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10 Family Favourite places in Cape Town

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Before we had children we used to very outgoing. Movies, dinner, brunch, visit little villages and towns around Cape Town. When Miss T came, we still went out, but not nearly as much as before as now we needed to consider if the places allowed .

No cook easy play dough recipe


This I did not do myself. I left Miss T with her daddy for a few hours one evening and he got busy trying to keep her busy. It worked and she absolutely enjoyed her evening with daddy. He didn’t colour the dough, but you can go wild adding .

How to entertain a 2 year old


Just how difficult is it to entertain a two year old? Two year olds are really simple little people. They love shiny things and they love toys…… in the shop. Try buying a toy that your two year old is crying for in the shop and take .