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Childbirth Deaths


On the news one afternoon on my way from work I heard about the youngest ebola survivor. Her mother had ebola and had died during childbirth. It saddened deeply. It was late 2018. Now in 2019 we still have women dying during childbirth. A .

10 Reasons you should be taking Apple Cider Vinegar

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I love Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). I put it in my juice, water, salads, hair, bath, wash fruits and vegetables. When my daughter is not feeling well, we usually give her an ACV shot. She is now used to the taste of ACV and sometimes even asks for .

To C or not to C-section


I recently gave birth to baby number 2. By gave birth, I meant baby was pulled out of me. Sunroof birth as someone kindly pointed out to me :-). Don’t worry, I couldn’t care less how a baby is birthed. I believe that a birth is a .

Miracle tonic

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My absolute favorite spice is turmeric. I have a number of favorites, but turmeric is KING! It is a wonder drug and I believe every home should have turmeric in their kitchen cabinets. I use it in everything, literally. Food, body, home. I use .

Non Hormonal Birth Control


Birth control is a tricky one. After my last ordeal with a hormonal birth control method, I am not so keen on that anymore. But, you have to agree with me, hormonal birth control is easier to get and very easy to use. There are however a lot of .