Sunlight Expert Dishwasher Tablets


Have you ever used Sunlight Expert Dishwasher Tablets? Or any Sunlight Dishwasher Tablets? I had not. Not sure why though because for the ‘normal’ dishwashing soap I prefer Sunlight. I was very skeptical when I saw their dishwashing tablets in the shops and avoided them. I had always used another brand which in my mind was the king of dishwashing (I will not mention names). I did not think Sunlight would clean as well. Boy was I in for a surprise.


Sunlight Expert Dishwashing Tablets



I rate detergents on 1 thing first before even using, the smell… I cannot stand strong smells and struggle with detergents that have an over-powering smell. So when I received a box from Home Tester, I was not overly happy with the smell. But after the first load, I realised that the smell was not too bad. It did not linger in the machine or on the dishes after washing.


Once I got over the smell, I could focus on the quality of the clean.

So, my dishwasher sometimes gives me issues. Once in a blue moon, it will not heat water and I will go through a week of cold washes. On my normal tablets, this means that the dishes come pretty much the same as when they went in. When I received the Sunlight tablets, my dishwasher was in the middle of it’s monthly issue so for a day or 2 I did not use it. Then I got tired of washing dishes by hand and just popped them in there. It was a cold water wash, but the dishes came out cleaner than with my normal tablets. I know, shock!!! So I thought, maybe the dishes were not that dirty. Did another load for control and sure enough, all the oil and grease had been washed off. When it finally started doing hot water washes again (all on its own) the dishes were super clean and sparkly!

Sunlight Expert Dishwashing Tablets

The Sunlight tablets do not leave the dishes or glasses with a white residue. This means I do not need to add an extra rinse or add anything else to the dishwasher.

Overall, the Sunlight Dishwashing Tablets get a 3/3 from me and I will definitely be buying Sunlight branded tablets going forward.

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