On Wednesday I took Miss T to the dentist. Apparently I was supposed to have taken her when her first tooth came out, I didn’t know or think that was necessary, but that is a story for another day.

So I decided better late than never, so I made a booking and off we went. Of course, we struggled to get her through the door (she has been sick and to the hospital quite a bit). Eventually she agreed though she was still insisting that we need to go. The appointment went well, dentist counted her teeth, looked inside and 5 minutes later we were done. She was rewarded with a ‘balloon’ and was a happy trooper when we left.

I decided to pass by Checkers and buy some fruits on the way home. She usually wants to sit when we go into shops, but this time she said she was walking (thinks she is all grown up). Fortunately the fruit and veg is right by the door so we didn’t have to go far, but she was fascinated with all the fruits and veggies and kept asking what they were. I allowed her to pick the apples and then started getting the plastic to put in the bananas.

Of course she wanted her own plastic so I gave her one and got myself another one. I went to get the bananas weighed and who should come with her own banana but Miss T?! She then gave it to the assistant who looked at me strangely. I told him to go ahead and my baby was super excited to have picked her own ‘nana’ as she calls it.

Of course, I paid for the one banana. A reminder to me that she is watching everything I do and learning from me. A reminder that I need to show her how I want her to grow up by being exactly what I want her to be when she is older. It is true that children learn by observing. The words they say, they would have heard somewhere. The way they behave, they have seen someone behaving like that.

We are our little ones’ mirrors. We need to be careful what they see and mirror from us.

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