Birthday surprise Spice Route – Paarl
So my birthday was on the 22nd of June…. yes, super delayed post but…. It’s here now.
I would love to say it was a bright and sunny day, alas, not in Cape Town. Somewhere else maybe. In Cape Town it was a cold, grey and wet day. I wasn’t feeling well and the weather and my wellness combo didn’t exactly go with what hubby had planned. After breakfast in bed, flowers from the kids, a song and cupcakes for the kids, He asked me if I was up for going out or if we should postpone my celebration.
Years of experience have taught me that something usually comes up and my celebration ends up being watered down or postponed to the next year. So being the trooper that I am, I opted for a day out. I was not disappointed. I had so much fun that I am definitely going to go back there again… soon.
He took us to Spice Route, in Paarl!!! We had lunch at La Grapperia. It was super full but we got a table….. near the fireplace! How cool is that? We were definitely warm and toasty. The food did not take long and it was absolutely delicious. The kids and I had a hot chocolate to drink and it was super yummy. Did I already mention the yummy food?
Unfortunately being a creature of habit, it will probably take me years before I try the other restaurants as I have already found the one I love.  But La Grapperia, you rock.
Having small children whose favourite activity is ‘touching’, we avoided the Glass place. But we did go for the chocolate tasting at DV artisan Chocolate. If you know me, you know how much I love chocolate. I once spent an entire day in Franschoek eating chocolate (story for another day), hopping from once chocolate place to the next. Yes, DV artisan was absolutely amazing. I will be going back for their chocolate tour without my ‘touchers’.
We went for the child friendly chocolate tasting tour and my children were blown away by all the chocolate they were allowed to eat. They absolutely loved it. You get to see part of the chocolate making process as you are sampling which in my mind was also beautiful to see. By now I am sure you can tell that my chocolate love is up there. If I live an extra long life, I will become a chocolate maker.
It was cold and wet, but we went for ice cream and sorbet tasting at DV Cafe. Flavors are great, some more than others. Won’t tell you which ones I loved, you need to go there yourself. We got a spot near the fire place and we ended up taking off our jackets. It was a beautiful cottage with cakes and teas and coffee. We just had the ice cream and loved it.
I had an absolutely great time even with the crappy weather. So much so that I am planning a return trip. This is not a paid review by the way, but you definately need to put Spice Route on your ‘Places to visit in Cape Town’ list.

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