Homeschooling and working full time


I always thought I had a knack for homeschooling. Heck, I thought I would be homeschooling and working full time at one point. Working from home full time was very high on my bucket list. Like ever since I knew I wanted to have children, I wanted to work from home. Homeschooling I assumed would come easy. Yes, it was not a thing when I was growing up but I really thought I could excel at it. In Botswana, I knew this would not be an option. I remember as a teenager having a discussion with a couple of friends. I told them I was going to work from home and they laughed and told me I was dreaming. The discussion was around mothers working full time vs being at home full time raising kids. The boys felt once their wives had children,
the most natural thing would be for them to stay at home, taking care of the children. I didn’t see why they couldn’t do both and I set out to do both.


Before covid-19 happened and we went into lockdown, I had a routine that worked for my family. I have always worked far from home, and I used to get
stressed in traffic going to and from work. Until I got a role in a company that allowed me flexi hours. I would start work early and leave early enough to pick the kids from school and do both organized extracurricular activities and other fun things if we felt like it. And still have time to cook supper and get ready for the next day. I won’t lie, even with the long drive to and from work, it was a pretty sweet deal.


Fast forward to end of March 2020 and we went into lockdown. I will be honest, I did not think it would be that hard. The plan was to sit at my desk daily, work and let the kids sit next to me and do their work as well. Great plan neh? The stuff homeschooling is made of.  What I did not take into account was that children rarely sit still. Especially onces as young as mine who need constant supervision. And they get bored so easily. Oh, and sometimes they don’t want to play on their own. Or they want to do messy activities like painting and will finish when you are halfway through a meeting and ‘demand’ assistance there and then. The frustrations have been many, but we have learnt from our mistakes and assumptions.



So I found myself looking for blog posts of people who have done this before. The first one I stumbled on sounded great! Perfect title ‘Homeschooling while working Full time!’

I was like wow! Just what I needed.

Lo and behold, the steps listed included:

– leave for work at 6am
– Husband leaves for work at 8am
– Kids wake up, breakfast and start their school work
. Come back home at 3pm
– Check work done!

That is when I knew this was not for me.

1. Are the kids alone at home or is there someone looking after the kids?
2. This one is clearly not in the same boat as me
3. What a complete waste of my time

Yes, I was disappointed. I was looking for a solution to my own problems and this was clearly not it. I needed a solution where I could continue working and still have my kids learning something at the same time.

I decided on the following:

– Wake up earlier when the kids are sleeping and put in at least 2 hours in the morning.
– When the kids wake up, set them up and take them through their work for the day
– Kids should finish at 12 mid day daily, have lunch and take a nap
– Put in as much work as possible during the kids nap hours
– If I cannot finish during the day, I can always continue after the kids are in bed and that’s okay.

It is not easy homeschooling while you are working full-time. I would like to find out how everyone else is doing things? How are you homeschooling while you work full time? Are you able to genuinely homeschool and work full time?

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